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Annual Subscription 2014

A Bi-Monthly 7" 45 Record,  and Bonus 7" that are Only Available to Subscribers.  And other nifty stuff!!!

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January Through December 2013 (JBR015 through JBR021) Bi-Monthly 7" 45 Record,  a Bonus 7" Only Available to Subscribers and other nifty stuff!!!

Bands of Today doing originals and covers from the 80s and earlier, specifically made for Juke Boxes and Collectors.  Every  B-Side is a Cover song.  $30 for a year!  You get a new 45 for Every Other Month. 

Subscribers receive a secret 45.  That means 7 * 45’s for every a year!  Ltd Edt of 300.  Custom Center hole adapters and tons of other cool info & stuff.  

Okay to PayPal, but add $5 for PayPal.  No Charge for Dwolla.  Email me first to pay by Dwolla: